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Welcome Newcomers

Welcome to the home page of: AA Steps to Recovery Worldwide. AAS2RWW is an online closed A.A. group for alcoholics.
The primary purpose of this group is to carry the message of recovery from alcoholism to the alcoholic who still suffers and to provide a safe place for recovery.

This group sends out a new email meeting everyday on the steps , traditions, and concepts of AA. Members are invited to share and participate in the discussions.

AA World Services Conference Approved Literature (CAL) is the focus of discussion.

AAS2RWW follows the steps, traditions, and concepts of A.A. and cooperates with A.A. World Services. We are listed in the online directory of O.I.A.A. and the online directory of the official A.A. website.

Prospective members must affirm their qualifications to join according to the long form of the A.A. Third Tradition which states:

  • “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.”

If you wish to join our A.A. group, open up a blank email, type the word “subscribe” in the subject line and in the body of the email. Send it to our subscribing address: aas2rww-join@mylist.net