Welcome Newcomers

Welcome Newcomers

Hello Newcomers,

We welcome you to our online group of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Below are links to A.A. pamphlets that explain our recovery program. The first step to recovery is the admission by the alcoholic of “powerlessness” over alcohol and the management of life.

There are 12 steps in the A.A. recovery program. These steps describe a new way of life without alcohol. This new way of life is working for millions of alcoholics throughout the world.

Alcoholism is a progressive illness that cannot be cured, but which can be arrested by not taking the first drink of alcohol because the first drink activates a craving and obsession.

Alcoholics have a physical allergy or extreme sensitivity to alcohol. This allergy can become an addiction over time.  The solution is complete abstinence. A.A. provides a way to do this.

The A.A. program offers a way not only to get sober, but a way to stay sober. To get more information on A.A., please visit the A.A. website and click on the link to “find a meeting” near you. You will find several A.A. links listed below. We suggest finding a face-to-face meeting near you. Our online A.A. group is also here to help.

We came to A.A. because we gave up trying to control our drinking. We had to admit that we cannot drink safely ever again. In A.A. we discovered we had a disease that is physical, mental, and spiritual. Once we are physically sober or dry, we find to maintain this, we need to also become mentally and spiritually sober by working the recovery program of A.A. in all our affairs.  If you find that when  taking only one drink, that it leads to many more, you may be an alcoholic.

Step over to the local bar and experiment. Take one drink and stop. If one leads to a drunk today or tomorrow or next week while thinking of it obsessively, then you may be an alcoholic with an allergy to alcohol. The solution is abstinence and living a new spiritual way of life which we have found in the A.A. steps, traditions, concepts and principles…

Best Wishes,

AA Steps to Recovery Worldwide


What Is A.A.? (links to a portion of the AA World Service website)

Newcomer Asks (a pdf pamphlet from AAWS-you may print one copy or read online)

Information on Alcoholics Anonymous  (a pdf document from AAWS-you may print one copy or read online)